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JNC Corporation is a Japanese chemical company. JNC has created progressive products and technologies since our founding in 1906. Our aim is to contribute to comfortable living and sustainable industry. We would like to introduce one of our life-chemical products, Cellufine, which is used for downstream processing of bio-pharmaceuticals manufacturing.

Shenzhen Huachuang High Tech. Co. Ltd.--Bronze Sponsor

Shenzhen Huachuang High Tech. Co. Ltd. was founded in 2012. It is one of the country's leading high-tech enterprises, which is concentrate on R & D and production of bio pharmaceutical separation, purification equipment. Over the past 5 years, the company is committed to the R & D, production and sales of chromatography system, chromatography column, and ultrafiltration system. And it has formed perfect management system and product series. The company obtained more than ten national invention patent and utility model patents. In 2015, the company established GEN BIO SYSTEM (CHANG SHA)CoLTD. with JNC corporation. Then, the product performance and the ability of overseas market development promoted rapidly. At present, the company's products have been sold to dozens of well-known domestic pharmaceutical companies, while exports to Japan, India and other international markets.

China Medical City--Presentation Sponsor

China Medical City (also known as Taizhou National Medical New and Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone) is located in Taizhou City, which plays an increasingly important role of Yangtze River Delta. CMC encompasses about 30 square kilometers, integrating functional zones in R&D, manufacturing, exhibition and trade, healthcare service, advanced education, and other supportive functions and facilities. Recognized and sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology, National Health and Family Planning Commission, CFAD, State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Jiangsu Provincial Government, CMC is regarded as the first national level hi-tech development zone focusing exclusively on life science field.

Since the starting of construction, CMC strives to create a unique health industry model that integrated all the necessary components in life science field with largest scale, Professional characteristics, and best environment for innovation and startup in China. To date, CMC has formed partnerships with more than 600 companies domestically and overseas. A group of well-known companies and major industrialization projects have already settled down in CMC such as AstraZeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim, Nestle, Sanofi-Pasteur, Takeda, Chugai, Taiwan Xantia, CSPC, Neptunus, Valvax, Kanion pharmaceutical group, Zhong-Chong Group vaccine industrial base, Mabtech Medical antibody drug production base and so on.

Under the guiding principle of industrialization and urbanization promote each other; finally become a city of common prosperity, China Medical City focuses on to be No. 1 in China, Well-known in the world, Promote two decades plan, speed up the industrialization development. By 2016, CMC targets to create the health industry scale to 40 billion. By 2019, CMC targets to increase the scale to 100 billion and attract more than 1000 companies to settle in, become the first square member among state-level high-tech zones, and the base of world life science industry.

By 2015, CMC attract over 1000 talents in which 100 international integration innovation teams, over 1000 world-class innovations, over 1000 companies , create proprietary technology values worth 100 Billion RMB and achieve over 100 Billion RMB in total revenue. We try to make effort to build a system mechanism innovation demonstration zone and a development pilot area for national strategic emerging industries.

China Medical City is the place which closes to your dream.

China Medical City is the new city of medical industry, the first choice for investment.

Shanghai Morimatsu Pharmaceutical Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd.-- Conference Bag Sponsor

上海森松专注于生物制药领域,为客户提供从生物反应器/发酵罐、培养基配制、缓冲液配制、下游纯化、制剂配液、CIP清洗站至灭活系统的整体工艺解决方案。公司拥有由ASME BPE大中华区代表、前EMA检察官、前世界知名药企的研发首席科学家、产品支持科学家等组成的强大的设计及验证专家团队,始终为中国生物制药客户带来最新的行业理念和最先进的工程技术,积极推动整个行业的持续进步与发展。上海森松以其优质的产品质量及高附加值的服务赢得了国内外客户高度的评价及长期的合作。

Alfa Laval--Exhibition Sponsor

Alfa Laval is a leading global supplier of products and solutions for heat transfer, separation and fluid handling through our key products – heat exchangers, separators, pumps and valves. We currently play a vital role in areas that are crucial for society, such as energy optimization, environmental protection and food production.
Alfa Laval’s products are used in the manufacturing of food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, starch, sugar and ethanol. We are also used in nuclear power, onboard vessels; and in the engineering sector, mining industry and refinery sector as well as treating wastewater and creating a comfortable indoor climate.

Desert King--Exhibition Sponsor


Desert King International (DKI) based in San Diego, California, is the world’s largest supplier of purified saponins from Quillaja saponaria for many industries, including as vaccine adjuvants in veterinary, pre-clinical and human applications. DKIhas launched its new Quillaja saponin based veterinary vaccine adjuvant VET-SAPand DK Saponin Ultra for Bovine, Porcine, Equine, Feline, Canine vaccines, and its pre-clinical grade QS-21for Academic and Biotech research purposes.

Brenntag--Exhibition Sponsor


Brenntag is the leading global chemical distributor with annual sales revenue over 10 billion Euro. As the subsidiary of Brenntag Group and an exclusive distributor of Brenntag-Biosector in Chinese market, Brenntag (Shanghai) Chemical Trading Co., Ltd.provides excellent services to Chinese vaccine producers. Alhydrogel?, Adju-Phos? and Quil-A? are Brenntag-Biosector registered products, serving vaccine producers all over the world.

SEPPIC--Exhibition Sponsor

Subsidiary of the Air Liquide group within the Healthcare activity, SEPPIC has been designing and supplying for over 70 years innovative specialty ingredients for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, nutrition and vaccine markets.

SEPPIC is a recognized leader for a range of product lines, and offers a unique combination of scientific expertise in the fields of chemistry, formulation and objectification.

SEPPIC is a global leader in vaccine adjuvants and a key player in injectable excipients, solubilizers and active ingredient carriers. 

SEPPIC has been combining expertise & service in order to develop MONTANIDE vaccine adjuvants. These adjuvants are designed to improve the efficacy and stability of veterinary vaccines but also of human therapeutic vaccines for use in cancer, infectious and autoimmune diseases. Through innovation, SEPPIC is committed to advancing the fight against sickness in order to build a healthier future.

Hangzhou Cobetter Filtration Equipment Co.,Ltd--Exhibition Sponsor

Hangzhou Cobetter Filtration Equipment Co.,Ltd is the best filtration company in Asia who focus on developing PES, PVDF, Ny66, PTFE membrane ,designing and producing various of pleated filter cartridges and capsule filters and filter housings. Cobetter provides professional technical and scientific assistance to filtration, separation and purification solutions. 

At present, Cobetter can provide the following validation services:

Surviving Test, Bacterial Challenge Test, Extractable Test, Chemical Compatibility, Products Pre-wet Integrity Test, Adsorption Test;

Meanwhile, other filtering services are also available described as below:

The validation for Multi-cartridges Integrity Test, The comparison and analysis for the filtration cartridges’performance, The designing of filtration system, The optimization for the procedures,  The solution of filtration.

利穗科技(苏州)有限公司--Exhibition Sponsor





Shanghai Chuanghong Bio-Tech. Co., Ltd --Exhibition Sponsor

Established in 2007, Shanghai Chuanghong Bio-Tech. Co., Ltd is a high technological company focus on R&D and marketing of animal vaccine and immunological adjuvant. Currently, the vaccines products in R&D are vaccines for swine and for ducks, the adjuvant includes Rehydragel?(made in USA), SAP Powder 5012(made in Ireland), PIC 3012. The technology and products originated from Chuanghong have been recognized and widely used by many manufacturing companies.

Chunaghong has obtained Scientific and Research Achievements, including 5 national patents, 1 project of high-tech achievement transformation sponsored by Shanghai City, 2 animal vaccines in the phase of field study, 1 New Veterinary Drug License.

Our aim is to create value and provide service with our innovative technology and excellent products.

Yishengke (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.--Exhibition Sponsor

Yishengke (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a Sino foreign joint venture high-tech Biotech Corp, founded by several prominent overseas biopharmaceutical experienced experts.

CurrentlyYishengke (Shenzhen) offers biopharmaceutical process development, transfer of technology as the main content, primarily for major biopharmaceutical companies to solve pharmaceutical processes encountered in the whole cell suspension culture, process optimization enlarge or upgrade product quality control and other difficult problems. We have established a sophisticated insect cells baculovirus expression platform; CHO cell antibody protein expression platform; 293 cells adenoviral protein expression platform; MDCK, MARC-145, BHK, ST, MARC-5 cells expressing full-suspension platform, and has beenapplied in vaccine production.

Meanwhile Yishengke (Shenzhen) provides personalized media development, custom manufacturing services. Insect cells have been developed serum-free medium; CHO cell culture medium as defined chemical composition; chemical composition defined cell culture medium 293; MDCK, MARC-145, BHK, ST, MARC-5 and other cells in serum-free and low-serum medium product quality reached the industry-leading level and well received by the industries.

The company has a leading international molecular cloning techniques, cell biology technology, large-scale high expression of mammalian cell culture technology, and development a highly efficient combination of independent development and cooperation in research.Based on innovation, cooperation and win-win concept,we are committed to  applyingthe foreign advanced and mature technologies to improve the level of domestic industry bio biological products , as well asproviding reliable services and productsto the domestic and foreign bio-pharmaceutical companies .

Beijing Kwinbon Biotechnology Co., Ltd--Exhibition Sponsor

Beijing Kwinbon Biotechnology Co., Ltd is attached to Kwinbon Group (Stock Code: 835044), a high-technology enterprise engaged in developing immunological detection products  for foodcosmeticand pharmaceutical safety. Kwinbon has more than 500 employees, in which over 58% are researchers, 30% have master's or doctorate degrees, and over 50 experts have senior professional titles. Kwinbon owns 25000 square meters of large R&D production bases, 10000 square meters of R&D laboratories, 4550 square meters of GMP production departments, and 800 square meters of SPF animal laboratories. As a technological innovation enterprise in the field of rapid detection, Kwinbon, at the mean time, is the pioneer of this industry.

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