About VacChina 2016

——Human/Veterinary Vaccine Forum

VacChina 2016,on its 6th year running, is the largest international vaccine event gathering in China and covers the entire value chain of the global human and veterinary vaccine industry. Here, we will invite local and international experts, industry leaders, scholars to discuss the latest industrial trends, R&D progress, partnership models,manufacturing technology advancements, market strategy and commercialization in China and emerging markets;Meanwhile, we will also build an international communication and collaboration platform for international and local organizations from industry and academia so as to expedite local and global vaccine industry development.

Key Issues

Human Vaccine Forum:

·         Supply and demand of Emerging vaccine markets
·         Building regional partnership to accelerate novel vaccine development
·         Successful R&D &Commercialization Strategy for vaccines

·         Integrating Chinese vaccine into global Market
·         Updates on Ebola/ MERS/HPV/RSV vaccine development

·         Clinical strategies for Vaccines
·         Advanced technologies and strategies for excellent biomanufacturing
·         Adjuvant/Formulation technologies


Animal Vaccine Forum:

·         Strategies to development veterinary vaccine in China

·         Catching big opportunities in global animal vaccine market through novel strategic partnership model

·         Regulatory Requirements for Conventional and Next Generation Veterinary Vaccines

·         Suspension culture and microcarrier culture techniques applied in animal vaccine manufacturing

·         Novel adjuvant technology in vaccine development

·         Recombined vaccine development

·         Aquatic/pet/poultry/ PCV II/FMDV vaccine development

·         Cross Sector Collaboration and Commercialization


Who should attend?

The event will attract an audience from :

·         Human and veterinary vaccine manufacturers

·         Large / mid cap biotech

·         SME biotech

·         Academia / research institutes

·         Cell culture companies

·         Research technology providers

·         Production technology providers

·         Cold chain companies

·         Packaging Technology companies

·         Facility Design and Construction Companies

·         Investors

·         Consultants

·         CROs


Consisting titles:

President,CEOs,CSOs, Vice Presidents,Directors,Medical Directors,Managers and Heads of:

·         Business Development / Marketing

·         Research and Development

·         Clinical Development

·         Regulatory Affairs

·         Strategic Product Development

·         Manufacturing/Production Technology

·         Quality Assurance/Quality Control

·         Bio Process Development

·         Supply Outsourcing Project Management


Media Partners
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